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Our journey in creating blissful travel experiences begun 25 years ago with one ultimate dream: A travel revolution. Combining the power of technology and passion to serve, we are transforming the travels experience of consumers across India. We make travel, less challenging and more delighting.

We believe automated travel strategies with little human interference makes travel simpler and comfortable and that belief is a reality today, driving us as the most reputed corporate car rental facility operating across the roads of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala & Pondicherry. Welcome to RTS CAR RENTAL, a travel revolution venture with corporate office in Chennai.

Our trips are always delightful and clients are always joyful. Understanding client requirements, planning the best routes, charging reasonable price and wide range of vehicles has made employees boarding our vehicles to reach their destination with a perfection of professionalism.

Employee safety surveys, monitoring command centers, GPS tracking facility, in-mobile apps and our advanced technology operations provides transport officers a live picture of vehicle movements and pick up-drop updates. A trip with us is more than a trip, a delightful experience.